Cian Carrigan - Big Brother 2018

Age (at start of series): 23

Home: Clonmel, Co. Tipperary



Interesting facts: Lives in rural Ireland but says he “isn’t your usual country boy.”

He has five older siblings; two of which are also gay. “Half the family is gay, so mum says you have to come out as straight in our family.”

Cian always falls for straight guys and prefers masculine men with intelligence.

One of the hardest parts of living in the House will be missing his mother.

Growing up, he wanted to be a Spice Girl or WWE Wrestler.

He has a phobia of kneecaps, vaginas and being tickled.

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@AndyWestTV Happy Birthday pet hope you had a great day! 😘
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@Tomaszwania Oh Bless you pet 😘
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Monday 6.51pm
Camping in my parents back garden. Standard behaviour from a 24 year old
Sunday 11.19pm
Just overheard a conversation in the shop and a woman said 'a good dose of Salmonella a year cleans the body out' ok I'm alarmed I dont think it works that way
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@BarbaraLadmore Doing so well Barbara hope all is well with you my dear 😘
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I'm still a copperknob at heart 🥕
18 Apr 9.18pm
Two wild Deers just jumped on top of the passengers side of my friends car (where I was sitting) and it is beyond my how the window did not shatter. Someone was clearly looking down on top of me, I am SHOOK! Be careful along country roads where they appear guys
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@Helen_Wood86 @NastyTime10 I cant breathe 😂🙌🏼
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James Charles is the queen of Coachella right now
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Spent the day looking at old photos with my parents. I was reminded how often I was washed in our sink, am I the only one who got bathed in the kitchen communal sink?
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Happy Monday everyone! Although the weather here in Tipperary is anything but happy, it's quite aggressive and vicious
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@shazer26 @CarriganNigel I can barely afford a pogo stick with my level of spending
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@shazer26 @CarriganNigel Yeah I'll pull the money out of my hole Kenneth good man yourself x
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@CarriganNigel I now understand when is right to use the phrase shower of cunts, and this is the right time! I'm meant to be in Cork right now for a gig like 🤬
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Can @Buseireann please explain to me why my bus from Fermoy to Cork is delayed by almost an hour? For the love of God I have to be somewhere! Not standing at this bus stop freezing my nipples off for the good of my health
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@garethsillence MASSIVE FAN!!!!
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@LEWIS24_7 You're always peng in my eyes Lewis 😏😏😏
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