Overnights - Day 74 - Bea is upset at mum's no show and threatens to leave, Sophie talks about chihuahua handling.

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1) Bea is upset that Rodrigo is laughing at her
2) Sophie asks Siavash about his femininity again
3) Rodrigo is upset that Bea is upset with his laughter when everyone was laughing.
4) Someone has done a terrible waft, and Sophie denies that she's the culprit.
5) David advises Rodrigo, if he needs to laugh at Bea, not to do it in front of her.
6) Marcus is very happy as Big Brother played his Iron Maiden song for him,
7) Bea tells Marcus she wants to go home tomorrow.
8) Marcus and Rodrigo discuss how Big Brother gives with one hand and takes away with the other.
9) Marcus spends time convincing Bea to stay, and Lisa not happy with her behaviour.
10) Charlie tells Bea that he loves spending time with her.
11) As shown in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you can't always have what you want Bea,
12) It's comedy time with Bea, Marcus and Charlie, as they share some jokes.
13) Let's talk scary movies before going to sleep.

1) Bea walks away from the pool all upset,where Rodrigo and Marcus are laughing

She goes inside to Charlie and Sophie.

She's not happy with Rodrigo, and thinks he should be laughing at her when she can see she's upset.

Sophie and Charlie defend him to her, with Sophie saying he doesn't mean it, and he's nervous.

Rodrigo and Marcus share a bath, and Rodrigo is explaining that he's not able to help laughing.

Lisa talks about the warning she received from Big Brother for aggressive behaviour, and said Freddie had a lucky escape when he was taunting her when they were dressed as cards.

She said he can't go around saying things that are not true, and he's found this out now.

Marcus talks about a contract he had earlier for a chihuahua he may be getting.

2) Sophie notices Siavash's pink toothbrush and says he's in touch with his feminine side.

Marcus says he's calling his chihuahua Eddie, and if it's a girl, that name will be short for Edwina

Bea still is going on about Rodrigo, and him laughing at her.

Bea said she told Big Brother she wants to go home, and she was told to think about it.

Sophie gets a chance to pass on her expertise on handling chihuahuas to Marcus and Rodrigo.

3) Rodrigo is upset at Bea's reaction to his laughter. He thinks he's being singled out because everyone was laughing.

Charlie comes and tells him to stop going on about it as she's thinking of leaving.

They both agree they don't want her to go.

Sophie now knows that Kris is waiting for her as she's had a message from him, and Lisa says he's proud of her.

4) Someones done a terrible waft. Sophie denies doing it.

Lisa feels vindicated as Freddie and Noirin both told her that she was hated on the the outside. She thought that she was hated by the country.

Sophie says the names she and Freddie were given, Dogface and Halfwit, are a,ickey take of their character, and suggests to Siavash that he would have been given the name 'Gorgeous' or 'Absolutely beautiful', as he's ugly.

Sophie tells Siavash that she doesn't dream about him as she doesn't dream about losers and takes the mickey out of his and Noirin's relationship. They tell each other to shut up.

5) David tells Rodrigo not to laugh if he can see that someone is upset, and that Bea was upset all day.

It's to do with the message her friend left her, and that her mum didn't turn up, but a friend she hadn't seen in 12 months.

David advised him to laugh somewhere else in future and not in front of her.

Rodrigo says he's a happy person and needs to laugh, and there are no problems when he laughs with Sophie.

6) Marcus says he's very happy today because of the Iron Maiden song Big Brother played for him.

Big Brother warns them not to play with the space hopper as it makes too much noise.

Charlie asks David if he had his own after shave, what would it be called. Lisa suggests "Butch"

7) Marcus says he has really nice friends and people always wonder why they hang around him.

Bea tells Marcus she's going home tomorrow, and as usual he offers some words of wisdom to make her stay.

Marcus tells her that he told Big Brother that they made him look good and Freddie look bad, to get him evicted.

Bea now tells Charlie she's going and says everyone will be nominating her as she's been upset all day about the fact that her mother didn't show to give her a message.

She's sure she'll be out on Friday, so she may as well go home now, and speak to her mum. She explains that getting upset the day before nominations gives people a reason to nominate.

She's sure Rodrigo will nominate her, and he comes from the bedroom to explain his side of things.

8) Marcus and Rodrigo continue explaining that Big Brother will do something nice for her now she's really upset, and that the same happened for them.

Marcus, Charlie and Rodrigo are concerned abotu whether Bea will leave the house in the morning. They suggest that a letter from her mum might fix the situation.

Marcus and Rodrigo discuss how Big Brother gives with one hand and take away with the other.

Charlie tries to persuade Bea to stay.

9) After spending some time alone, Bea calls Marcus to come and speak to her. She says she's made up her mind and she's leaving.

Marcus explains his troubles in the house and how he had to overcome them.

Meanwhile Lisa is not happy about Bea's behaviour.

10) Marcus continues his counsel, and soon Bea gives him a hug and goes to bed.

Lisa and David get out of bed to go outside for a smoke. They discuss the demands that Bea frequently makes.

Bea and Charlie hug in bed, and Charlie jokes that Big Brother will only talk her out of going. He goes on to tell her that he loves spending time with her.

11) David and the others talk about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Lisa makes the point that they can't always have what they want, prompted by Bea's behaviour.

David finds the missing can of cider and gives it to Bea to cheer her up.

She and Charlie leave the bedroom and go back to join Marcus, where Charlie tells her things will be okay with her mum.

Marcus and Charlie tell her that she blows things out of proportion, and try and describe her in three words.

12) It's comedy time with Marcus, bea and Charlie as they share some jokes.

Marcus said he's cleaned the windows at Windsor Castle.

They then talk about Marcus's sideburns and beards. Charlie doesn't like Siavash's beard and thinks he'd be more handsome without it, but Bea thinks it's cool.

13) Marcus said that the message he got said he'll be beaten up when he leaves the house.

Bea and Charlie got to bed again, and this time they stay there. Charlie starts talking about scary movies which Bea says is scaring her. Soon they go to sleep.

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