Overnights - Day 64 - "Last night for one of us" frolics has Rodrigo upset again

Day 65 04:07
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1) Housemates have lots of food again, and talk about things asked for on the shopping list
2) The talk is about past housemates. Bea is worried about the eviction.
3) Lisa and David, Bea and Halfwit smoke and chat at the bus stop
4) Siavash is sure his girfriend will never forgive him, but wants a chance to apologise.
5) Dogface pulls off Halfwit's underpants and gives Siavash some TM
6) Halfwit gets thrown in the pool, and Rodrigo is upset.
7) Siavash and Marcus talk about the eviction, Hira and that Abdul is a good name for a cat
8) Siavash wonders what would happen if he fails to nominate next week.
9) Rodrigo emerges from the diary room, still angry, but has Marcus to talk to,
10) Rodrigo continues airing his grievances to Marcus, then goes to bed.

1) Hira’s gone to bed, but gets up to have a sip of water.

Everyone else is up. They have a full fridge at last.

Bea is cooking burgers in the kitchen with Halfwit following her about.

They then join the others when they have prepared their food

Dogface is telling the others about things she asked for on the shopping list, but Big Brother declined

She asked Charlie if he’s drunk, as he’s got glazed eyes.

Dogface talks about a task she did with Halfwit where she wore a shower cap, and he said she looked glamorous in it.

Marcus comes from the diary room and calls BB mean.

He’d asked for a guitar or an hour of Iron Maiden for a token, but they said no.

When Big Brother warns them about talking about the audition process, Marcus says ”Get the sand out your vagina”

2) They talk about the previous evictees, Beinazir, Sophia and Saffia.

Charlie really liked Saffia.

Bea is worried about Friday and asks Halfwit what would he do if Davina said her name

He said “I be wondering what the f*** you’ve been saying in the diary”

Bea talks about watching the opening night, and about all the obligations she had at the time, and wondering whether to be involved with the show.

3) Lisa and David, Bea and Halfwit smoke and chat at the Bus Stop.

Siavash, Rodrigo, Dogface in the bedroom

Siavash tells Dogface that Marcus has always been about her, but was upset when she wasn’t nice about him. He also says that people haven't been nice to Marcus this week.

David says he can’t believe the fridge is full.

He talks about what they’ll have for breakfast tomorrow. His mind is generally on food.

He tells Lisa he really doesn’t want her to be evicted.

Dogface talks again about the offer Kenneth made to her where she could earn £10k per episode in a show where he dates her and Karly. There'd be 21 episodes, and she'd earn £210k. But there'd be sex involved. Rodrigo told her not to sell herself.

4) David and Lisa talk about what it would be like to be evicted and interviewed.

Lisa thought she could be asked to eat a pigs eyeball again. David thought they could be put straight back in the house.

Siavash wants to apologise for what he did that led to them all being up for eviction.

He also wants to apologise to his girlfriend

his girlfriend but reckons she will never forgive him, and it’s the worst decision he’s ever made.

He says that Noirin let him believe there was something very special, but also indicated that Big Brother engineered it so that the Noirin affair was inevitable.

5) Siavash continues talking about his feelings for his girlfriend and Noirin. Charlie brings out some cake he has hidden in the bedroom. The conversation between Dogface, Rodrigo and Charlie gets louder and louder and are no longer whispering, but laughing uncontrollably, which means no sleep for Hira.

Things get worse when Dogface asks Halfwit to do his sexy voice.

Charlie gets up and pulls the blanket from

Halfwit and Bea, who says she could have been naked.

While Halfwit is talking to Charlie, Dogface pulls his underpants off.

Dogface then asks Siavash if he'd like some TM. He declines at first, then his curiosoty gets the better of him. She goes over to his bed and gives him .. the tickle monster and starts tickling him.

Tickling fever breaks out in the bedroom accompanied by uncontrollable laughter, and now the noise in the bedroom is overwhelming, and Hira is holding her ears.

6) The noise in the bedroom continues as the housemates celebrate what could be their last night all together. They make some attempts at settling down and going to bed, but it doesn't happen. Hira looks really uncomfortable.

They grab Halfwit and carry him outside, and throw him in the pool. A few of them jump in with him.

It seems they go back to get Rodrigo, and soon he is angry and banging at the diary room door.

Siavash, Halfwit, Dogface, and Bea continue their merriment in the shower.

Dogface reports that Halfwit had a semi, which popped out of his underpants

Meanwhile Big Brother is sternly calling Rodrigo to go to the diary room, and soon he rushes in and bangs the door behind him.

7) The excitement dies down, and most of them go to bed. Siavash joins Marcus outside.

They talk about who might be evicted, and the fact that Hira seems to concentrate on conversations about the outside.

Marcus reckons Abdul is a great name for a cat.

Also it seems that Rodrigo punched Charlie.

8) Siavash wonders what would happen if he fails to nominate next week, and ponders with Marcus if this has been a good Big Brother.

9) Rodrigo emerges from the diary room, still angry. Charlie gets called there, awaken out of his sleep.

Rodrigo explains what happened to Marcus, who offers some words of wisdom.

10) Rodrigo still continues to explain why he's so angry with Charlie, but eventually goes to bed.

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