Overnights - Day 51 - Marcus and Tom arguing forces Noirin to confess Siavash kiss & BunnyGate resolved.

Day 52 03:56
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pt 14. Noirin cools it with Siavash
pt 15. Noirin confesses Siavash kiss to not so happy Marcus
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BunnyGate resolved.

Dogface explains her boobs are now a double G, and was able to pay for the operation with a £5k finance, which she's still paying off now. Transform is the company she used.

Tom has been been jailed by Big Brother, and Marcus visits him there to find out what his plans for Noirin are.

Part of the conversation included Marcus likening life in the house to going into the Matrix.

Marcus is angered when Tom calls him a pervy wierdo, and says he's bored by the Noirin infatuation. Marcus is still convinced Tom is after Noirin.

Noirin and Siavash realise the unfairness of Tom being blamed and discuss coming clean to Marcus. Noirin first tells Dogface, and then Bea about the kiss, and the feelings she has not just for Siavash, but for also for Tom.

Bea tells he straight that she has to been to be honest and proactive in sorting out the mess, which results in Noirin telling Marcus about the Siavash part.

Marcus isn't happy as he's already told her that she likes Siavash but she doesn't listen to him. He indicates he may not be speaking to her after this.

It appears that as Noirin still fancies Tom, and things are messy as it, she's putting things on hold with Siavash.

Also Dogface tells Siavash that she, Karly and Kris saw Marcus as a dinosaur, and did impressions of one, and that Siavash may have seen this and mistook it for a rabbit.

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